--Nor There

A One-Night Exhibition / May 11, 2013 / Carousel Space / Chicago, IL

Can a labradoodle have a hybrid identity? What about a spork, a prose poem, Pajamajeans, studio apartments, or a futon? Seems flippant in light of the weightiness of sociopolitical categorical identities, but it illustrates both the arbitrariness of such categories and their perceived importance. In the wake of cultural collision, mash-ups pervade and persist. Without the traditional categories of identification framing our unde…rstanding, how are we to perceive ourselves and our world?

So what constitutes hybrid identity today? Or transnational identity? Or transgendered identity? Transethnic, transgenerational, or transeconomic identity?

We live in a multiplicitous world. Inevitably, many people identify as ____ and _____, or neither ______ nor _____, as in, both Columbian and American, neither feminine nor masculine, both rebel and patriot, neither young nor adult (read: twentysomething), or both traditional and cosmopolitan. The pervasiveness of dual/multiple/and hybrid identity calls into question the traditional boundaries that make a person, a culture, or a…n object either one thing or another. It initiates the destabilization of identity, and unravels into crisis, and/or underscores the relative comfort and ease with which people traverse traditional boundaries and categories today.

–Nor There is a one-night exhibition of intersections of identities.

Bruce Iberg, Ashley D. Hairston, Alex Z.

A show produced by Silvia Vasilescu and Katie Waddell